Tanhai (loneliness) by Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Hark, who is there, my heart?

Just another traveller, it seems, on their way elsewhere

Another night has passed; the stars disperse yet again

The lamps in the great dusty halls have begun to waver

The weary path is barren with anticipation

All the footfalls from before have disappeared now

Put out the flames, my poor, sad heart, and empty the chalice

It’s time to bolt the doors shut

No one will visit here anymore


Phir koi aya dil e zaar! nahi.. koi nahi..
rahro ho ga, kahin aur chala jaye ga
dhal chuki raat, bikharney laga taron ga ghubar,
larkharanay lagay aiwanon mein khwabida chiragh
so gayi rasta tak tak kay har ik rahgawar
Ajnabi khaak ney dhundla diey qadmon key suragh
gul karo sham’ein, barha do mei o meena o ayagh,
aye be khwab! kwaron ko muqfil kar lo.
ab yahan koi nahi.. koi nahi aye ga.



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