I am a poet;

a warrior;


and beast.

I beat my chest like a drum,

and bellow with a roar that raises the dead.

My words melt iron,

and my strength holds the sky up.

I froth with desire;

passion ignites my eyes with flames.

When i laugh, stars twinkle,

yet my wrath shakes the forest.

I am a creator.

I fix my seed in the world and watch it bloom to life.

My love is awesome and my deeds legend.

I cause rivers to swell and break their bounds,.

I bend storms to my will,

and command mountains to vomit up gold and jewels.

When I am angry, I can summon hell to scorch the earth.

I am Adam’s issue; a beloved child of Eve.

My parents brought ruin and freedom to the world.

Like them, I gave up paradise for love;

Like them, I raise my fist to heaven.

My brothers are angels; my sisters, stars.

I bask in their brilliance, sharing their ardor.

My joy is fierce and primal.

I am the center of everything; all things flow from my heart.



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