Do a DJ gig for #freedomofspeech
Instagram your friends about #icantbreathe
Choose the right filter for #metoo
Forward the e-mail for #Istandwithyou

For #stopdronestrikes, wear the t-shirt
And for #stoppovertynow, buy an ’ethical’ skirt
Post on Facebook about #bds
But make sure they know you #dresstoimpress

Go on a diet of #fairtradefruit
For #fgm, do a photo shoot
Send #thoughtsandprayers to the refugees of war
And put a #blacklivesmatter sticker on your car

To cleanse yourself of injustice, wrongs and strife
Just put an lcd screen between you and #reallife
This is my rather rushed comment on the self-indulgence that’s increasingly masquerading as altruism nowadays. I’m frustrated and infuriated at the changing normative status of what’s right and moral. The ’physical’ and material act of sympathy and charity has now metamorphosed into a virtual simulacrum of itself; to ’hashtag’ something is now morally equivalent to actually acting upon it. To quote Mr. Trump, ’Not good’


Haiku, 31/5/2018



Sunbeams cut through leaves;

Mayflies flit over bright streams.

I want to go home.



Love Isn’t Enough

Love isn’t enough,
That’s just a tale.
There’s rent to pay,
There’re bills in the mail.

There’s sickness and wars,
Murders, greed and despair.
And society’s other scars,
That first deserve our care.

Love should come last,
This may seem gruff,
But when all ills are surpassed,
Can Love be enough.

Trust Me, My Heart


Trust me, my heart
There will come a day
When sorrow will depart
And happiness returns to stay

When you’ll find joy in simple things again:
When flowers will get back their scent
When once more you’ll hear music in the rain
And beauty again will make its advent

You’ll find that you’ve spent away the hours in smiles
And sleep once more will gift you its succour
And you’ll finally see an end to your trials
When the day will pass without you thinking of her