Haiku, 25/05/15


On the contrary
Earth is the only planet
Known where death exists




A Contemplation

A complete description
Of the Universe
Has to include you

You are essential to the Universe

Passing On

I know how I’ll go
That came to me in a premonition
I won’t even know
It’ll be a gradual slip; a gentle transition

I’ll probably lean to pick something up
Or prepare to sit
Or pour water into my coffee cup
And then it……



I’d write something cool,
Something beautiful and profound,
With rhythm that would astound;

Something laden with witty puns and bons mots
That would get tons of 👍 and re-tweets;
Something neat, something sweet.

Something that would be a hit
As well as intelligent and smart;
A poem to break someone’s ❤

But I cannot.
I cannot because life is too real for words.
It’s too contradictory and absurd.

There is something about it that crushes expression,
It’s not just 🙂 and sunshine:
For all the cheer, there is 😦 darker than the deepest mine;

For every colourful spring
There is loneliness bleaker than a benighted sea;
It hums with suffering that runs through it like electricity;

Life is complicated, it’s too hard.
my speech stutters and words need revising a thousand times
Before I can even think of one true thing to put in rhyme.