‘Waesi Kaar Mushkil Bar Goeb Goem’ – Samad Mir (1894?-1959)

The wearisome toils, burdens too heavy to move
The rosy glow now turned a murky hue
O friend, all this I’ve had to bear through
Waesi Kaar Mushkil Baar Goeb Goem, Veatrawwun Peyoom
(friend/confidant work hard burden heavy became, endure/tolerate had to)
Gulaleh Panas Kaleh Rang Goem, Veatrawwun Peyoom.
(red/ruddy self black colour became, endure/tolerate had to)
His first poetic expression, Samad Mir wrote this when he was around 30 years old; he had been a labourer since his early youth, and had lived a difficult and arduous life. In 1925, while working on the construction of the Maharaja’s palace in Srinagar, he met Khaliq Najar, who was to be his spiritual mentor, and under whose guidance he wrote an abundance of poetry. These verses reflect both the spiritual and physical hardships he was enduring around this time, and can be read either way.


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