‘Wo Jhoot Baar Baar Jo’ – Josh Malihabadi (1894-1982)

The lie that today is often renewed
As a grand truth will someday be viewed
Wo jhoot baar baar jo bola gaya hai aaj
(that lie over and over which said is today)
Ik din usay haqeeqat-e-kubra kahainge log
(one day that great-truth will say people)
This couplet by Josh Malihabadi is too relevant in our time of manufactured morality and engineered history. It refers to the various propagandas that a modern individual is constantly beset with, and serves as a warning against them. I am not aware of the poet’s philosophical or political leanings, or even if he had any, but clearly he was a person with a clear and lucid social conscience.


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