I’d write something cool,
Something beautiful and profound,
With rhythm that would astound;

Something laden with witty puns and bons mots
That would get tons of 👍 and re-tweets;
Something neat, something sweet.

Something that would be a hit
As well as intelligent and smart;
A poem to break someone’s ❤

But I cannot.
I cannot because life is too real for words.
It’s too contradictory and absurd.

There is something about it that crushes expression,
It’s not just 🙂 and sunshine:
For all the cheer, there is 😦 darker than the deepest mine;

For every colourful spring
There is loneliness bleaker than a benighted sea;
It hums with suffering that runs through it like electricity;

Life is complicated, it’s too hard.
my speech stutters and words need revising a thousand times
Before I can even think of one true thing to put in rhyme.




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