‘Bulle Shah Tu Kaudi Ho Ja’ – Hazrat Bulle Shah (1680-1757)

Bulle Shah, thine worth ye must degrade
So no price on thee can be paid

Bulleh Shah Tu Kaudi Ho Ja Vatta Mul Na Lage
(Bulleh Shah you a cowrie become [So any] great valuation isn’t ascribed [to you])

A cowrie/cowry (pronounced koudi) is a shell of a sea snail that was used as currency in Northern India long ago. The word has entered the lexicon to describe something of very low value. Hazrat Bulle Shah here tells himself to diminish his ego and pride such that the material world cannot have any hold on him.
It’s interesting to note that the vocabulary is of commerce here, as the materiality of the world is equated with economic wealth..




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