‘An Poshi Teli Yeli Wan Poshi’ – Nund Rishi (ca. 1377-1440)


Food will thrive only
Till the woods survive
an poshi teli
(food/sustenance suffices then)
yeli wan poshi
(when forests/trees suffice)
Sheikh Noor-ud-din Wali (also known as Nund Rishi) was not only a supreme spiritual poet, but he also was a visionary with profound insights about the environment he lived in. To imagine someone thinking about conserving the environment in the lush, verdant landscape of 15th century Kashmir – when the bounty of nature would have seemed limitless and inexhaustible – is quite difficult indeed.

This saying is ingrained in Kashmiri culture and has guided Kashmiri attitudes towards nature for centuries. However, alas, rampant consumerism of the last few decades have now turned this quote to just a sound-byte in the minds of Kashmiris.


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