Where To Now?


I read it was observed
Somewhere a star burst
With the energy that a hundred suns
Put out in ten billion years,
Scarring the universe.

How can such bigness be?
A bigness that mocks this earth
And the tiny life that froths on it against all odds. 

Where do humans stand in this absurdity?

Our strivings? our self-importance? our teleology?
Where fits our scurrying, fighting, loving, honour, morality?
Where settle our weighty issues and resolute deeds?

In this theatre of the infinite
What role do scintillant specks harbouring delusional ambition
On the crust of a floating grain have? 

What purpose will bolster us
Now that we know what we know?

Where do we go, you and I,
In this bleak yawing endlessness?




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