‘Maula Maula Laakh Pukaare’ – Zaheen Shah Taji (1902-1978)

Always calling the lord’s name
Does not his nature reveal
As we only with sounds play
While the named stays concealed

To confuse water with its name
Is foolish and awry
For chanting ’water’ all day long
Causes the thirsty to die

And to say ’fire’ many a time
Does not the mouth faze
But put a spark upon the lips
The mouth soon feels the blaze

So he who’s content with lowly signs
Will always miss the signified
A great fool he who’ll put in no work
And only with names abide
Maula-Maula laakh pukaare, Maula haath na aaye
(Lord lord million-times call, lord in-hand not comes)
Lafzon se hum khel rahe hain,maa’na haath na aaye
(Words with we play, meaning in- hand not comes)

Jo pani ke naam ko pani jaane,naadaani hai
(Who water’s name water knows, foolishness is)
Pani-pani rat’te rat’te,pyaasa hi mar jaaye
(Water water repeats repeats,thirsty will die go)

Shola-shola rat’te-rat’te,lab pe aanch na aaye
(Ember ember repeat repeat, lips on stain(?) no comes)
Ik chingaari lab par rakh lo,lab fauran jal jaaye
(One spark lip on put on, lip immediately burn does)

Ism pe Qaane hone waala aur musamma khone waala
(Name on satisfy(?) one-who-is, meaning lost one-who-has)
Kaam na karne waala moorakh bas naam se ji bahlaye
(Work no doing one-who-is, fool only name with is content)
Hazrat Zaheen Shah Taji was a Sufi poet-philosopher. His shrine is in Pakistan, where he is venerated as a saint.


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