‘Hue Mar Ke Hum Jo Ruswa’ – Mirza Ghalib

Oh, the ignominy that death would bring!
It’s better to perish at sea;
Then no funerals to attend
And no grave there would be.
Hue mar ke hum jo ruswa, hue kyun na gark-e-darya
(Happened death-after I that shamed, happened why not lost-in-river)
Na kabi jinaaza uthta, Na kahin mazaar hota
(No sometime funeral lifted, nowhere tomb would-be)
The transliterations of the verses that I post are generally accurate, but since I’m no scholarly expert in Urdu, sometimes the grammar and the semantics are transcribed wrongly. This is, I think, acceptable because they are there just to provide a linguistic context of the original verses.


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