A Shruk (Shloka) by Sheikh Nur-u-din Wali of Kashmir (1377-1440)

Rock-hewn citadels built by great lords of yore
No trace remains of these anymore
Mighty kings that ruled over the earth’s vast lands
Left here with naught but empty hands
Alway look to the tombs and graveyards where
All in the end must gather there
Kuti rayan mœr aæs peth sangaarun
(Old kings citadels were atop rocks)
Teth heuw sangeen roodi na yæti
(Like-them rocks/structures remain not here)
Sikandaran raaj kœr don boosrun
(Alexander ruled over two continents)
Tas ti raanam watßi na sæti
(He also riches(?) down will-not accompany)
ßaand ditœ baanilæn mazaarun
(Search/look for ????? Graveyards)
Petœ saman særi tæti
(After gather all there)
A couple of the words in this shruk have defeated my investigations into their meanings, so I have filled those lacunae with approximations drawn from my moderate native understanding of Kashmiri.

It’s sad that, short of academic experts, there aren’t many speakers of Kashmiri who have an accomplished fluency in the language.


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