Tulsidas asks Abdul Rahim Khan-e-Khana a question.


Why dole you alms in this form? where did you learn such ways?
That as you raise your arms to give, so you lower your gaze.
Sant Tulsidas

The real giver is someone else, who doles day and night
As people mistake me for him, so I lower my sight.
Abdul Rahim Khan-e-Khana
aisi daini daen jiyun, kit sikhe ho sain
(this giving give-you when, where learnt have friend)
jyun jyun kar unchyon kare, tyun tyun niche naen
(As As arm raise do, so so lower eyes)

daenhar koyi aur hai, bejat jo din raen
(giver someone else is, gives who day night)
log baram hum par kare, tase niche naen
(people mistake me on-it do, so-why lowered eyes)  
Abdul Rahim Khan-e-Khana (1556-1626) – a poet/courtier who served Akbar, the Great Mughal emperor, as one of his Navratans (Nine Gems; persons of great esteem in the court, ranging from scholars to philosophers to poets and musicians) – was renowned throughout the realm for his generosity, and was reputed to avert his eyes from humility while giving alms.

Anecdotally, Sant Tulsidas (b. either 1497 or 1532- d. 1623) – one of India’s greatest and most revered poets- upon hearing of this spoke the verses containing the question; to which Khan-e-Khana admirably replied in kind.


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