A Doha by Kabir (1440-1518)


All the tomes in this world
Will not make thee wise
Study the four letters of love
If true wisdom thou prize.

Pothi padhi padhi jag mua,
pandit bhaya na koi
Dhai aakhar prem ka,
padhe so pandit hoye


Legend has it that when Kabir died, the Muslims and Hindus disputed over what type of funeral he should have, but when they removed the shroud from his body, it had transformed into flowers. So the flowers were distributed between the two communities and both rites were observed.

I don’t know how true that legend is, but I understand the sentiment that would have seeded such a story. His teachings transcended the differences between creeds and touched the common good in everyone – The mark of a true saint.

Here, of course, he is speaking of a spiritual love for the divine and for humanity rather than worldly love.



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