Rasul Mir (d. 1870?) in his own words


Here is Rasul Mir of Shahbad, Doru
Nursing a burning blaze within
He’s set up a shop that deals love’s brew
Come, O lovers, fill your cups to the brim.


Yi chho Rasul Mir Shahabad Doo-rey
Tami chho trov-mut lo-la du-kaan
Yi-vu aash-qow che-vu tor-re tor-rey
Me chho moor-rey la-la-vun naar.


As to what kind of poet Rasul Mir was- these verses by him sum him up better than anyone could elucidate.

He took the idea of beauty and love, gave it a beautiful voice, robed it in exquisite verse, and bequeathed it to the Kashmiris much improved.

Kashmir has produced so many great poets- people who have made profound and significant contributions to the repository of human culture. Great wordsmiths who wrote about Love, Philosophy, Existence, Beauty, Spirituality, etc with a voice as potent and insightful as any.



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