‘Intezaar’ by Makhdoom Mohiuddin


All night my eyes swayed with the teary tide
As your thoughts all night drifted in and out my mind

As my heart’s desire loomed near, the joy in me grew
The elusive dream would be snared anon, soon it would come true

My restive heart, at last, a measure of peace had found
My rue filled soul echoed with the shehnai’s sweet sound

But now the stars, watchful at night, begin to sleep
Now the anticipation of our tryst starts to retreat

Now morning from its slumberous berth stirs and revives
And the breeze it brings along, alas, unaccompanied arrives



raat bhar diidaa-e-Gam-naak me.n laharaate rahe
saa.Ns kii tarah se aap aate rahe, jaate rahe

Khush the ham apanii tamannaao.n kaa Khvaab aayegaa
apanaa aramaan bar-afga.ndaa naqaab aayegaa

aa ga_ii thii dil-e-muztar me.n shakebaa_ii sii
baj rahii thii mere Gam-khaane me.n shahanaa_ii sii

shab ke jaage huye taaro.n ko bhii nii.nd aane lagii
aap ke aane kii ik aas thii ab jaane lagii

subah ne sej se uThate huye lii a.ngaraa_ii
o sabaa tuu bhii jo aa_ii to akele aa_ii



Another of Makhdoom Mohiuddin’s beautiful poems. It tells of the expectant wait a lover has of the beloved and the melancholic sorrow that follows when the beloved doesn’t come.

Makhdoom mainly wrote poetry with social themes, but when he turned to romantic verse, he stood peerless in his expression for the sentiment of passion.

It is noteworthy that Faiz Ahmed Faiz held him in such high regard that he wrote an elegy for Makhdoom when he died.

Makhdoom’s verse is best described in his own words: ‘your scented ghazal, Makhdoom / fills barren lands with bloom’

Nothing more need be said.


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