Majaz Luckhnawi (1911-1955)


Lo, here is the sacred path on which tread my beloved’s feet
A thousand times since have I haunted this astral street.



hamdam yahii hai rahguzar-e-yaar-e-khushkhiraam
guzre haiN laakh baar isii kahkashaaN se ham


Asrar-ul-hak Majaz was a poet of passion, he lived and died for it. His graceful poems are filled with sublime visions of love and beauty. He has penned some of the most heartbreaking and beautiful poems of the 20th century.

He died at 44, finally giving in to a torturous and discontented life.

I’ve made a loose translation of this couplet, opting to stay faithful to the essence of the verses rather than the literalism of the words.



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