‘Mo Se Bolo Na Bol’ – Hazrat Amir Khusrau (1253-1325)


Stay silent, ignore my pleas if you will
My dearest, I shall hold on to you still

Tho’ by both kith and kin am I spurned
Tho’ the world reject me, I am not concerned 

It matters not as long as you stay by my side
I want only, my love, in your shade to abide

There’s no room anymore for coyness or disgrace
Now that my soul and body is bound by love’s brace

Now let all the people hate me, I do not care
Now let them revile, let them my name smear

The happiness by your side is enough for me
This is where I’ll stay, this is where I want to be


Mo se bol na bol, meri sun ya na sun

Mein to tohe naa chhoruungii ai sanvare

Mori saas na nandiaa phiri to phiri
Mosay phir kiyon na jaey sabbi gaon ray

Ek tu na phiray mo sa,y ae meray piyaray
Main bhi to aee teri chhaon ray

Rahee laaj sharam ki baat kahan
Jab prem kay phanday diyo paon ray

Bagar kay log lagai hamka
Dharat naam to dharo naon ray

Main to apnii Mauj se rahoongi tore sang
Main to yahee na chukuun rahunn thaam ray


Another of Hazrat Amir Khusrau’s devotional poems for his spiritual teacher Hazrat Nizammudin Auliya. Here again, it takes the form of a touching love poem.  It’s the testimony of a lover who has surrendered to love without any regret or regard for consequences. This is love unconditional; a love of complete surrender; love that does not require reciprocity.
This absolute love is central to Sufi philosophy, which teaches that bliss is attained only by treading the path of humility, selflessness and pure love.Hazrat Amir Khusrau, who wrote in farsi and hindvi (a proto hindi/urdu language), was also an immensely talented musician; his contributions to Indian classical music are seminal and paradigm-changing, while his compositions are enshrined in the musical canon of the sub-continent.
He is also ascribed with the invention of the tabla and the sitar.

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