Excerpt from ‘Phir Kuch Is Dil Ko Beqarari Hai’ by Mirza Ghalib


Once more, my heart a restless rhythm beats
Once more, my bosom fresh wounds seeks

Old wounds begin to run red anew
To lend this spring’s flowers their hue

This heart yearns for that torment once more
That life, long past, calls an encore

This blissful state, Ghalib, some hidden cause implies
There must be something that undisclosed lies.


Phir Kuch Is Dil Ko Beqarari Hai
Sina zoya-e-zakhm-e-kari Hai
Phir Jigar Khodne Laga Nakhun
Amad-e-fasl-e-lalakari Hai
Phir Usi Bewafa Pe Marte Hain
Phir Wahi Zindagi Hamari Hai
Bekhudi Besabab Nahi Ghalib
Kuch To Hai Jis Ki Pardadari Hai


One of Ghalib’s loveliest poems. Profoundly melancholic; this poem is about the nostalgia of an old, failed love. He pines for the travails of this bygone romance.

The last couplet is a mysterious remark suggesting that the cause for these feelings might be a return of the beloved.

As always, there is the caveat that this translation is but one of the many ways Ghalib’s poetry can be interpreted.

Ghalib is a master at using polysemes (of which there are many in Urdu) to create works with multi-layered meanings; this poem is an especially intricate example.


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