21 September, 2010


You were a vision that night
That numinous night
On that beach;
Under the moonlight.

The sea gleamed and shimmered;
A million shards of broken light
Danced and glimmered
To the sway of the ocean’s breath.

And you:
Framed by the ocean blue.
In that little polka-dot red dress;
Your perfect hazel hued face
With a cobalt flower in your tress.

The waves lapped a frothy rhythm;
The silver moon shone on your delicate hands;
The breeze whispered a sweet strum
over the inky grey sands.

Dipped in the monochrome of that night
Our love birthed and took first flight.

A perfect scene:
Sacred, holy, chaste
A perfect vision:
As the prophets of old were graced.
A perfect instant:
A gem floating in eternity.
A perfect moment:
When the universe paused for me.



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