A Ghazal by Hasrat Mohani (1875-1951)

roshan jamaale yaar se hai anjuman tamaam

dehka hua hai aatishe gul se chaman tamaam

allah re jism-e-yaar ki khoobi ki khud ba khud

rangeeniun me dhoob gaya pairahan tamaam

dekho to husn-e-yaar ki jadoo nigahian

behosh ik nazar me hui anjuman tamaam


as the garden glows, aflame and fiery
in the presence of the flower
so the gathering here is lit up and ablaze
in the radiance of my lover

her dress, it seems is swathed in colour
even though it has no hues
her magnificent allure, oh god!
this world in colour imbues.

but wait, lo, see and behold
her bewitching and charmful eyes
that makes the gathered people swoon
when her gaze over them flies.



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