How I learnt to stop hating garlic

I grew up hating garlic. As long as i can remember, I thought it a disgusting and an obnoxious little knob of unpleasantness. I was brought up that way: because it’s vilified where I come from –  a shameless food for rude people. Uncultured and uncouth.

Now, one day not long ago, it happened that i was chopping garlic for a meal to serve my friends, and getting annoyed and angry at the garlic for leaving a stink on my hands.

When suddenly, I had an epiphany: I held my fingers to my nose and inhaled, and decided not to hate garlic anymore.

It was as easy as that.

It was so easy to let go of the spite I had in me for this insignificant little bulb for so long. A lifetime of cultural prejudice and programming dissolved in a moment.

After then, garlic was just garlic: of no special consequence to me. I eat it now without a second thought.

How we let little things control us! I spent most of my life being emotionally bound and invested to such a trivial and non-important thing, just because i was ‘taught’ to.

It seems ridiculous.

Yet there are still so many little things pulling me one way or the other.

But i learned that day how easy it is to be free:

It’s only a matter of deciding.


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