Heer Ranjha

A tragic poem by Hazrat Waris Shah, a Punjabi Sufi poet from the 1700s, of the two lamentable lovers Heer and Ranjha.

Their story is the stuff of legend in the northern regions of the Indian sub-continent – Rival families, long-standing vendettas, besmirched honours and misread situations lead the two unfortunate souls to a tragic doom.

Although their story is an iteration of the archetypal tragic love story that has versions around the world, the poem itself stands alone in poignancy and power of expression.

Parts of the work that deal with Heer’s longing for her lover are traditionally sung in a typical strain, eponymously called a ‘Heer’.

These ‘Heers’ follow sufi poetic tradition, and so can also be interpreted in a spiritual manner as man’s longing and love for his god.

One of the little-known treasures of the poetic world.

However, there are sources on the internet if anyone is interested.


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