About Bulle Shah

Bulle Shah –

One of the greatest poets out of the Indian sub-continent. A sufi, a philosopher, and the voice of the person that’s awestruck by the wonder of life.

His poetry is sublime, without artifice and timeless. he speaks about the existential  and spiritual questions that we in the modern world are all too aware of, and he answers them in a language that is awesome in its simplicity and beauty.

Bulle Shah was born in Uch, Punjab, around 340 years ago. He wrote poetry in the Sufi tradition of the region. His utterances are weaved into the culture of the sub-continent, where he is revered as a holy man and a saint.

His words are as edifying to the spirit as any that were ever uttered. His verses have brought solace and contentment to multitudes. Most inspiring of all, he speaks as a common person, humbled by the beauty of existence.

He deserves recognition everywhere.

Look him up.


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